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Sam Nishimura has killed Lara Croft. Or at least, she thinks she has.

With Lara out of the way, Sam, possessed by the Sun Goddess Himiko, plans to return to Yamatai and ascend her ancient throne.

But Lara Croft is the ultimate survivor, and she'll do anything to save a friend.

It's a battle for Sam's soul as Lara faces off against Himiko once and for all!


RELEASE DATE: January 18, 2017

PRICE: $3.99
PAGES: 32 pages

COVER: Tula Lotay
WRITER: Mariko Tamaki
ARTWORK: Phillip Sevy
COLORING: Michael Atiyeh

DISTRIBUTION: Dark Horse Comics
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

 ID# 99900961 

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